SOPE of Puget Sound


Promoting and Protecting The Interests and Welfare of The American Merchant Marine.

SOPE Officers

2024 SOPE Board of Governors

Our Officers

President: Scott Atkinson
Vice President: Kevin Oakley
Secretary: Zena Deloach
Treasurer: Bruce Adams

Board of Governors 2024

June Millard, Board Chair

Calvin Qu
Kim Cunningham
Scott Irwin
Wayne Jarvis
Don Sly
Steve Tolle

Board of Governors Meetings – Last Tuesday of the month.

Meetings are open to all the membership. Please Contact Us for meeting locations & times
meeting dates may be changed without prior notice.

Terminal Cranes

Our Pledge

We are an organization to develop cooperative spirit and friendship among Members, to be of mutual assistance to each other, and to promote and protect the interests and welfare of The American Merchant Marine.